Something to Chew Over.



  It’s a frustrating time, putting the finishing touches on a new book. The mistake spotting stage is always one that I’d rather avoid, but as I read through this manuscript for thankfully the last time, I found myself reaching for the sweetie packet even more than usual.

As much as Snickers bars were always high on my list of spirit raisers, it’s very rarely that I will  a buy a Mars product these days. Given that the company are heavily involved in animal testing I avoid, whenever possible, any product produced by them or their subsidiaries.

Over the course of the last year or so, through my involvement with animal rescuers around the world, I have become increasingly aware of the swell in numbers of those committed to a vegan diet. For the majority of rescuers the decision to chose vegan-ism is an ethical one, their desire to eliminate animal suffering is great. I would add, so is mine, even though I wouldn’t call my self vegetarian, never mind vegan.

There is no limit to the admiration I have for these good people and the things they accomplish, often suffering hardship themselves in order to better the lives of the animals who cross their paths. But to be an animal lover, a carer and protector and voice for those that can’t speak for themselves, is that role only available to vegans? It seems more than a few would have me believe that.

So what does that have to do with sweeties and Mars products in particular? Well, just recently I happened to be researching all things vegan and noticed that Starburst candies were being touted as suitable for vegans. In fact they made a list of products approved by PETA. Thinking that maybe our friends at Mars had taken an about turn and no longer were involved in animal testing I figured I should at least check it out. Low and behold another PETA list has them as a company to boycott! Food for thought, indeed.

Thanks to the VeganRabbit for this list of companies still testing on animals (2015)


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